Get Over Ourself

Get Over Ourself

I read an article by a brilliant graphic designer recently. Well, I am assuming he is brilliant because he is granted a full page in a magazine dedicated to graphic design. A magazine which is filled with hundreds of examples of stunning creative work.

Side note: Magazines like this are intended to inspire the reader. They forget, however,  that their readers are artists themselves who become either indignant (guilty as charged), or depressed that they will never achieve...

The da Vinci Harmony

The da Vinci Harmony

I used to think that I was the only one who enjoyed living in the mud between creativity and technology. That was until I met Leonardo da Vinci and Steve Jobs. We got together and came up with this theory:

There is no such thing as only art or science in isolation without the other.

(I never actually met Steve Jobs, and I only bumped into Leonardo once at a cocktail party where we didn't talk about this at all, but rather why he never built his flying machines if they were so brilliant...

Creative Scale

This last month has been a very reflective time for me. I have been thinking a lot about the scale of my creative endeavors.

To be clear, creative enterprise or not, mine is a common situation: A guy opens a bike shop because he loves riding bicycles along the beach. A year later he is spending 12 hour days in a tiny fluorescent lit office in the back of his bike shop filing reports to the state for sales tax he has collected from people who still get to ride...

Vanguard Veteran's Courtyard

When Vanguard University rang about a sound system for their upcoming Veteran's Courtyard of Honor it sounded like an interesting challenge. Fill a space that would seat 250 people with natural, distraction-free background music as well as a wireless microphone for speaking.

Since the visual focus of the courtyard is a water fountain memorial, I wanted to develop a solution that allowed you to enjoy the waterfall while still being able to hear every word of the person speaking.  This called for ...