When Grace Hills called us, they had recently remodeled their sanctuary. Part of this remodel was a new speaker system, which was supposed to solve the poor sound they had been living with for so long.

But this new system did not perform. Sound was uneven row by row. The intelligibility and energy was just not there. 

When we came in, it was clear what the issue was. These speakers, while being good quality, were installed in a strange orientation across the front of the stage area. This was causing the sound waves to interact and fight each other in destructive ways. 

We proposed simply moving the speakers they had into a new central cluster. We also ran all new speaker cabling, and bi-amped the main speakers, while doubling the power to the subwoofers. We installed a new Symetrix Solus 8 speaker processor in order to properly tune the system.

Finally, we installed a new Allen & Heath GLD80 mixing system with personal in-ear monitoring. This not only increased the quality of their mixing capabilities, but reduced the stage volume by a large degree. A speaker system is only as good as the mix you give it. 

Since we completed the work, the church reports back that people are hearing every word during the service. The music is now energetic without being irritating. 

This new system is ready to take Grace Hills Church forward until their next remodel many years down the road.

The room gets a sound that’s balanced and consistent. It has accomplished exactly what we wanted to see happen.
— Mike Johnson, Grace Hills Church