When Incarnation Lutheran Church in Poway, CA was doing their initial planning for their upcoming building renovation, they called us out to get a consultation. Their 50 year old building was showing it's age, but the audio system looked much older than that. 

We were able to design a system that provides far more energy and versatility with which to perform their contemporary services, and special concerts. 

We also implemented a touchscreen control system, with an "Easy Mode". This allows beginner users to come in, press a few buttons and have easy control of a handful of mics and music playback. 

We also installed a clean, yet capable theatrical lighting system, and upgraded their video presentation.

Dale Feine at Incarnation Lutheran tells about their experience with Paul Dexter Creative.

What Paul promised during our initial consultation was exceeded a year later when the renovation was complete.
— Dale Feine - Incarnation Lutheran Church