Jet Velvet

by Jet Velvet

“How did your band get started?” is one of the most obvious questions of curiosity a fan or reporter could ask a brand new act, often times met with some basic story of meeting in school, playing together on the weekends or connecting through mutual friends and musicians. But in the case of Orange County, California’s Jet Velvet, which is comprised of all-star singer/songwriters Paul Dexter and Matt Bissonette, it’s one of the most interesting and intriguing tales in recent memory, met with an even more extraordinary power pop/retro-infused modern rock sound.

“We’re both songwriters who’ve been teaming up together for the better half of the last decade and scored many placements on TV and various soundtracks,” notes Dexter, who’s also known for his time in Mayfair Laundry “We’ve been writing on and off together since 2003. At some point but we realized we had created a pretty solid body of work together and said ‘looks like we’ve got ourselves a band.’ It passed the test of the hardest critics in our friend and fellow musician circles, so with that we became Jet Velvet, recalling the days when jets were new and velvet sofas were required staples.” 

No matter what the back story behind a track on Jet Velvet’s self-titled CD, it’s impossible not to sing-a-long thanks to the disc’s instantaneous windows rolled down appeal and endless hooks at every guitar knob twist and harmony-heavy turn. Given those sugary satisfying but never watered down delights, it’s easy to mention this band in the same breath as the insanely contagious new school likes of Ben Folds Five, Owl City and Fountains of Wayne, crossed with golden oldies like Electric Light Orchestra, Cheap Trick, The Beach Boys, and of course, The Beatles.