Life Bible had lived with an underpowered, under impressive audio system for over 20 years. When they made plans to remodel their auditorium, they put audio on the list of upgrades.

They didn't just want to make an upgrade, they wanted to make a statement. We provided them with a Meyer speaker system. Known as the top tier, Meyer is obsessive about audio purity. We also installed a Meyer cardioid sub flown center. This directs the energy of the subs toward the crowd, not the green room or the neighbors behind.

We also upgraded their mixing with an Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing system. Placing the mixer in the middle of the room, and off the back wall in a custom rolling mix booth.

The results of this work is clarity, energy and purity in sound for Life Bible Fellowship.

They worked within our budget, and they did a fantastic job putting in our system.
— Jeff Taylor - Life Bible Fellowship