When Long Beach Alliance Church had put off upgrading their technical systems about as long as any church could. Their budget had kept other AV specialists from providing the updates needed. We were able to help LBM through some innovative system remodeling work.

First, we took in what their vision was. Their desire was not to make it look like the stage of "The Voice". They wanted to raise their presentation, but just enough and with care. We designed a new Audio, Lighting and Control system that would give them exactly the presentation they were looking for.

We were able to implement the Audio portion of that system first, using a blend of new and "pre-owned" equipment, and the results were fantastic. 

We look forward to the future with Long Beach Alliance, growing our relationship in the years to come.

Paul caught our vision- he’s enhancing it. It’s a great relationship.
— Scott Tricket - Long Beach Alliance Church