Long Beach Alliance Church is a thriving community of believers who meet in an aging traditional church building. When we went to meet Scott for a consultation, it was clear that he had become frustrated trying to find a partner to help with their needed AV needs at the level they operate at. The larger firms cannot afford to take on a smaller job, and the "one-man-shop" AV guys didn't have the experience and understanding of his vision. 

They needed to create a comprehensive game plan for upgrades that would happen over several years, then with that plan, attack the top priorities immediately.

We developed a plan for comprehensive audio, lighting, and control systems. This included a full set of drawings and schematics for the multiple phase upgrades.

Since solving the poor quality of sound was their top priority, that became phase one. We were able to expand their budget through a mix of new processing, cabling, new Fulcrum subwoofer support, and "pre-owned" EAW speakers. While this might be out of the ordinary, we prefer to install a higher grade of used equipment as opposed to poor quality-let's just say "cheap" equipment. 

To help the team with their mixing skills, we also provided a blend of Churchmix training and side-by-side oversight. This has helped them get the most out of this new system.

Scott and the folks at LBAC are experiencing clarity and energy in their sound like never before. We look forward to continuing with the multi-phase plan in the years ahead.

Paul caught our vision–he’s enhancing it. It’s a great relationship.
— Scott Tricket - Long Beach Alliance Church