When New Life developed plans for their new campus in Vacaville, they wanted to do something special. They were to build on a beautiful treed setting in the rolling hills. They then wanted the production to match the impact of the wonderfully designed structure. 

We implemented a stereo EAW AX audio system with plenty of bottom end supported by a trio of SB1000 subwoofers. The large center video screen was designed to float off the wall and over the heads of the musicians, while backlighting on the rear stage wall. Lighting provided plenty of color and visibility.

All the while, this is actually a multi-purpose room with basketball and volleyball taking place throughout the week. Not only does New Life have a capable tech presentation, it yields to many other uses.

Paul helped serve what the church needed. He wasn’t putting something in for a concert venue. He was putting something in that fit the congregation, that fit the church.
— Andy Taylor, Water of Life Church