Newport Mesa Church wanted to redesign their 40 year old auditorium in a major way. Not only updating it, but rotating the meeting space entirely. This called for an entirely new technical system. 

What this meant was that we had a blank slate with which to design around. Working closely with the Architect, we were able to implement a lighting system that was both theatrical and architectural. Acoustics were also designed into the visual treatments. 

We installed a very high powered stereo Fulcrum speaker system including dual 21" subwoofers and a combination of class A and D amplification. 

For video, a Ross Crossover HD production system handles the switching into Digital Projection projectors.

Paul wanted to know the vision for where we were going in the future. He wanted to know where we were headed in the next 30 years before we did this big design. And he designed a system that reflects that exact vision.
— Jared Atherton, Newport Mesa Church