2012 - Creating Things

It has been nearly six months since my last blog post. The original intention of the blog was to facilitate the collision of my worlds. One hopeful effect was that someone who has enjoyed my work in one field would become aware of my work in another, leading to more meals for my kids- All this while being cleverly disguised in witty bloggy banter (but lacking in grammar). I would say that this did indeed happen, which then resulted in a lack of time for writing clever blog posts. I enjoy writing about projects and challenges, and perhaps 2013 will afford a new schedule where I can catch up on writing (including my children's book, Marble Alert!, and no, I am not kidding).

So to the uninformed: yes, this looks like a guy talking a lot about himself. If you are in that camp, you closed this window long ago. This is for the folks that have had me hang their TV in their living room. They may not know that I can also help them in a number of other ways. This is for the guy who I scribbled out a logo on the back of a bar napkin, but had no idea who to call when his kid needed a dose of Auto-Tune.

Here are the creative highlights of 2012:


After a season of Kim writing a new collection of songs we finally went into the studio to produce her second solo album.

With Jerad Atherton taking the production reigns, I resigned myself to steer from the back of the ship. We brought in a lot of terrific old and new friends to play with Kim on the project. Aaron Sterling, Jonathan Ahrens, Jerad Atherton and others all brought their talents to help create what I think is a masterful project. Watch for it this spring!

Visit Kim's site to stay in the loop - KimDexter.com



The year at Redular started with a small handful of unique projects and ended with a full plate and a growing team.

Our work with Call & Jensen was not only a creative challenge, but became the most rewarding graphics and media work to date. Rebranding a mature law firm in a way that reflects their tradition while carefully pulling forward is a common challenge, not commonly done well. Apparently we succeeded, as they had us do a fresh web site, print materials, magazine ads, booklets, mailers, and more.

Instapparel was another interesting creative project. Tyler Carroll came to us wanting users to be able to design a shirt using their instagram photos. While a competitor was  allowing users to print a single photo on a shirt, we wanted to create a unique "shirt builder" that would allow users to design a collage- a grid of up to 16 of their images with varying transparency, white space and more. This was fun to dream up, but Jonathan Preston who leads our coding cause at Redular magically brought it to life.

Another exciting new project is Planda. Imagine your Facebook timeline in reverse - today forward. That is what Planda will bring you. Next month we will begin to invite a small batch of users to play with it. If you are interested, feel free to visit Plandago.com and enter your email in the form.

2013 holds a host of new creative challenges: From the Steve Jobs Personal Meeting Assistant app, to an online hotel booking site with a unique approach for a client in San Francisco. Farmers and Merchants Trust has also selected Redular to handle their 2013 marketing efforts including fresh branding, web, and print.


2012 was a fast year for 7K. Where most years we install two or three large-scale systems alongside a host of smaller upgrade projects, this year we installed seven full-scale audio, video, theatrical lighting systems in and out of the So Cal area along with the usual smaller upgrades to other systems.

Part of this surge might have been due to many clients wanting to see the C.A.R.V. up close and in person. The Crisis Audio Response Vehicle was engineered to respond to Audio and Video disasters everywhere. As you can expect, there are no limit to those disasters. Every time I pay fifteen bucks to go see a movie only to hear a blown, distorting subwoofer I demand my money back and wonder why it is so common.

You can see more about the C.A.R.V. HERE. The 7K team grew again this year thanks to Scott Clement and Jordan Olhevski joining the force.

This year saw more diverse projects than usual. From an outdoor courtyard venue to a vintage Catholic Claret. Of course our usual rock and roll systems were still the majority, and we have no complaints about that. Christmas Eve we launched a system at Newport Mesa Church, which is like a second home to Kim and myself.

I am not sure if this fits into 7K, but Landscape Design even came across the desk this year thanks to the Dawson's who wouldn't take no for an answer!


This year we introduced MusiCamp with a South OC and Central OC week-long day camp. Kids of all ages came to experience the rock star lifestyle- or at least the positive side of the rock star life! Everyone joined a band, wrote or learned a song, recorded that song in the studio, then performed it on the big stage at the end of the week! You can watch a recap video HERE!

Late in 2012 we acquired another music school in north Orange County. This paves the way for a North OC MusiCamp in 2013!

ODDS AND ENDS Throw in a few tour dates running live sound for recording artists, a couple of studio recordings this year for TRU Worship, and other ventures brewing or boiling, and I call it a full year.

Through it all the family still had a lot of great time together at home and out of town. Next year we hope to pack up the kids and tour with Kim's music a good part of the summer months.

Here's to an interesting and creative 2013!