Southlands church had outgrown it's rented facility and was ready to build a home with their own personality. They called on Tony Masero to design the space, and Tony called in Paul to design the technology. 

We worked together on issues of acoustics, projection line of sights and speaker locations. Since the ceiling was lower than usual, special care had to be given to get everything in just the right places. 

We installed one of the first Allen & Heath iLive consoles here at Southlands. A move that spawned our installation of dozens more iLives the over the next few years.

Stereo clusters of EAW AX speakers provide powerful coverage in sound, along with the centrally-flown SB1000 subwoofers.

Lastly, we provided an integrated video production system networked to the various rooms and information displays on the campus.

Paul wanted to know the vision for where we were going in the future. He wanted to know where we were headed in the next 30 years before we did this big design. And he designed a system that reflects that exact vision.
— Jerad Atherton - Newport Mesa Church